Chronicles of Everything got hacked this week.

Don’t stress, they didn’t take any of your personal information, but I lost a lot of other stuff. Part of it’s my fault: I have timed backups that don’t backup when they should! And part is structural changes whose code files were hacked into, and altered.

Anyway, since I have done it all before, I’m hoping that I can get it back up quickly. I am also trying to improve security, so that we don’t get hacked again! Given this, my regular update schedule is pretty much kaput for the moment, while I sort everything out.

Will let you know when I’m good to go again!

P.S. Please take note of the fact that I said we lost our subscription list when we were hacked. This means that if you were following us, you no longer are, and have to go here and hit my follow button (bottom right corner) again!


It had to happen. I was always planning to outgrow I just didn’t plan for it to happen this early!

I’ve now got an unique domain: and I’m using for my theme options.

I’m really happy with it all up. There are more options for analytics, for SEO, and for making it pretty 🙂 Unfortunately, there’s a major downside.

Even though the blog is still run by wordpress, and I’ve been able to transfer all my old blogposts and comments, I can’t transfer my followers!

Major negative, I know. So, I’m relying on you guys to go to the new site and follow on there. As an added incentive, I’ll let you know that I’ve just posted a recipe for Chicken Parma.

Once you do follow the new blog, there’s heaps more flexibility for you as well: you’ll be able to follow posts of a single category, instead of the whole blog. Fantastic if you’re interested in cooking, but not writing, or vice versa!

Looking forward to seeing you at the new blog site!
Thanks for sticking with me this long.

So one of my cousins just had a baby, and I decided to make the newest member of my family a gift. It’s a wrap for the baby, with a hood, to keep his head warm. I’ve used organic cotton from certton for it: a sky blue jersey for the outer, and a natural terry for the lining, so that baby Brodie can use it fresh from the bath. I got the idea from merging a standard hooded wrap with the terry towel dressing-gowns my Mum made for my sisters and me when we were kids, and voila, we have a Hooded Baby Towel Wrap!

Sizing is entirely at your discretion: You don’t need to limit yourself to a baby, and I’ve been reliably informed that even if you do make it for a baby, it’s highly likely that once they grow, they’ll use it as a cape in their dress ups 🙂

Mine is about 80 cm x 80 cm, which I feel is large enough to wrap luxuriously, but not have overwhelming amounts of bulky fabric.

I’m going to write out instructions of a sort, but please feel free to fiddle with the ‘recipe’. Don’t limit yourselves to just these fabrics: A silk would be luxurious and cool in summer (when the hood could protect from sunburn). If you want it to insulate in the very cold, perhaps add a fleece layer in between the jersey and flannel. As I said, I’ve used 100% cotton, including for the stitching, but you don’t need to do the same. So long as you choose natural, absorbent fabrics, your wrap will dry baby nicely.


-At least 110 cm x 80 cm of cotton terry cloth (or if you’re a super recycler, an old towel)

-At least 112 cm x 82 cm of cotton jersey

-Cotton thread

-Pins and needles

-Newspaper and a pen/marker


1. Draw the pattern pieces onto newspaper: a square 80 cm x 80 cm, a square 85 cm x 85 cm, and a right angle triangle with a side of approximately 30 cm.

2. Pin the 80 cm square and the triangle to the terry fabric, and cut.

3. Pin the 82 cm square and the triangle to the jersey fabric, and cut.

4. Line up the two triangles, making sure that the terry faces outwards, and pin along all three sides.

5. Fold the terry underneath itself (by 1 cm), and then fold the jersey twice, so that the jersey covers the terry, and there are no raw edges. Pin.

6. Sew along the jersey edge, close to the border between the jersey and terry. (This should be done on your machine, but if it’s having a freak out like mine was, a hand hemming stitch will look lovely too.

7. Line up the two squares, the terry centered on the jersey.

8. Line up the right angle of the triangle with one (any) corner of terry square.

9. Tuck the edges of the three layers (jersey triangle, terry triangle and terry square) under them selves, and fold the jersey square edges twice, again covering all the raw edges, both inside the hood and out.

10. Continue tucking and folding all the way around the two squares.

11. Stitch, as before, all the way around the wrap.

12. Stitch twice over a centimeter on each side of area where the triangle corners attach to the wrap. The hood is likely to be tugged on in the life of the wrap, and this will ensure that whatever baby throws at it, as well as the washing that has to be done as a result, won’t undo the stitching.

13. Spread out, show off, and admire in general! I’d love to see the photos, so comment with links once you’re done 🙂

There are a few things in my life that I’m changing. Not the core things: who I am, my values, or the people I love, but I’m reorganising my time.

Why the change? At the moment I’m so busy that I’m always stressed. I’m constantly behind; at uni, at housework, at my writing. And I’m getting sick of playing catch up. So here’s the plan:

I’m quitting my job. I work one day a week, usually Mondays. I work 7 hours, and if you take into account the time it takes for me to get there and back, I earn $12/hr.

It’s a job that I enjoy, but I enjoy other things more. My plan is to make some money doing something I adore, and would be doing anyway: writing. I plan to live the dream…

I have to give 4 weeks notice, and I have enough savings to last me 15 weeks (if I’m stingy).

Which means that within 20 weeks I need to be earning enough money through my writing to supplement youth allowance.

I really need $110 per week, if I want to keep saving, but I plan to build up slowly.

My short term aim is $50 per week, and here’s how I’m going to make it work:

2.Freelance articles
3.Ebooks (genre style)

Over the next three Tuesdays I’m going to be blogging about each of these in detail. Enough detail that hopefully by reading my blog you can also take the first small steps towards writing for your living.

Maybe you’ll decide it’s not for you. Maybe I will too. Or maybe you’re already well on the path, and have advise that I can use. Wherever you are on the journey, I’d love to hear from you!

I know. It’s Sunday already. My first attempt at my new resolution, and I’m already behind. On the up side, I’m only late by a day, and I’ve a reasonably good reason…

I forgot you need to freeze ice cream 🙂

Blueberry and Vanilla Ice Cream



3/4 cup sugar

2 cups of blueberries (I used frozen: heaps cheaper!)

1 ‘lid’ of vanilla essence. (if you’re not using a standard bottle, I’d equate it to about 1/4 tsp)

1 cup milk

1 1/2 cups of cream


1. Put the blueberries, sugar and vanilla essence in a saucepan, and heat gently. Stir slowly, mashing the blueberries and mixing through the sugar. It should take about 5 minutes to achieve a lovely syrup consistency.

2. Let the syrup cool, and add the milk.

3. Blend until smooth.

4. Stir in the cream.

5. If you want a perfect consistency, strain the mix through a sieve or cheesecloth. This is not a required step: I find the slight texture gained from the seeds, and the occasional lump of fruit to be a lovely addition to the final ice-cream.

6. Chill for an hour (until cold). The mix can be chilled for as much as a day if necessary.

7. Pour into your ice cream maker!!

8. Scoop out into a container, and freeze for a few hours, or until fully set.

9. EAT!!! Preferably with family or friends to ensure loads of compliments!

TIP: I recommend you set aside a “sweet” wooden spoon. Nothing makes your ice cream more disappointing than a garlic or tomato aftertaste…

Did you miss me? It’s been a while.

My resolution to write regularly has gone the way of my many other resolutions. And happily, it happened long enough ago (3 weeks, give or take a bit) that I’m ready to reresolve

Lucky you 🙂

I think the problem with my last writing plan, was that I wasn’t specific enough, I had no real, quantifiable aims (take that experimental science!). I did write every day, but I ended up writing diary entries, half hearted character sketches, and self indulgent rambles.

Today, I’m planning to add to that. I’m retrying the writing every day thing, but part of that is going to be posting on this blog. Not every day (I don’t want to bore you!), but three times a week. One post on writing, my own, someone else’s, or writing exercises, because I love them, and think everyone should. Let’s claim Tuesday for my writing post.

Not starting today, Thursday will be my craft post. Yup, I’ve done exactly one of these so far, but i enjoy making things. I’ve tried selling them to people, but it turns out that I much rather sharing to selling, and experimenting to repetitive labour: something that doesn’t quite work when it comes to a market stall. I have high hopes that it will work on a blog.

Finally, Saturday will be my cooking post. I know, you’re feeling confused: I’ve never so much as mentioned cooking on my blog. And that’s because I’m something of a failure, and always forget to take photos when I cook. From now on, if I forget, you’re just going to have boring picture less posts, because, as I’ve mentioned many times, I have a new resolution.

Hopefully three times a week is enough to inspire, and to give me an incentive, but not too much too become utterly exhausting. I spent a bit of time this morning looking at other people’s blog posts on how often a blogger should blog.

It was interesting, but all I really got out of it was that each blogger has to find their own balance. I highly doubt this is mine, found on my second attempt, but I can’t think of a better way to find my own way than trying things out. (which doesn’t mean that if you have a magical, full proof way of finding out I don’t want to hear from you. I do!)

It seems arrogant to hope that someone out there was hoping I’d start posting again… But I do. And regardless of whether they actually were or not, I am.

Wish me luck 🙂

The thing about blogging is that it effectively invites strangers into your home.

Now, while I’m always happy to have people over for dinner, to chat, to watch a movie, they don’t hear everything I think, and they don’t spend time in my bedroom. It’s too personal.

A blog is similar. There’s no bedroom, and posts are carefully chosen and edited.

In other ways it’s quite different. This is because ANYONE could be reading my blog. My ordinary rants are no longer so tempting.

I happily rant (read whinge) to my friends about uni lecturers, my boss, and even, on the odd bitchy occasion, other friends.

If I were to do this on a blog I’d soon lose both boss and job, fail uni subjects, and be lacking friends.

Even when I’m being bitchy, I like my friends (the definition, I know). Even when they’re driving me bat-shit crazy I don’t want to hurt them. And personally, I think that insulting them on an open blog– that’d hurt.

Having said all this, I believe blogging etiquette to be quite complicated. How many of my experiences have no one in them but me? Not many interesting ones, let me tell you!

So how’s a blogger to tell if their stories harm another person? Are you meant to ask permission or use your own judgement?

I have compiled a list of general blogging etiquette, but since you’ve all been doing this longer than me, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the issue. Until then the hilarious story of my uni tutor and… well. It’ll just have to wait.

Blogging Politely (And Keeping Real Life Intact)

1. No kinky stuff. (unless it’s fictional smut, or you’re a call girl writing amusing anecdotes)

2. No fights. (there’s no easier way to escalate a simple disagreement, than by bringing it into the public domain, especially if it hadn’t been resolved yet)

3. If you can think of someone that you NEVER want to see your post, don’t post it.

4. Be Realistic. No one wants to read about how perfect you are. Tell us about your stuffed up dinner attempts, your failed projects, and your procrastinated writing.

5. If you aren’t sure, check. You don’t want to hurt or embarrass a friend or colleague, so when in doubt, ask them to read your post before you publicize it. Better safe than sorry.


That’s all I got folks… Contribute please, before I offend a lot of people due to my blogging ignorance 🙂

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