Holidays and Poetry

Posted on: June 24, 2012

So I finally finished exams on Thursday… I’d had a two week break in between my last and second last exam, so it was one of those I’ve-had-heaps-of-time-to-study-but-procrastinated-instead exams. I don’t even care how well or poorly I did, I’m so relieved to be finished! I’m sure I’ll start caring again closer to when marks come out, but for now I’m rejoicing in the apathy!

I’ve recovered enough from end of semester exhaustion to submit some poetry to Voiceworks. It’s highly unlikely that they’ll take me: they’re pretty choosy. They give feeback to all submissions though, so I’ll get that. And there’s always a chance…

I’ll let you guys know either way, and theirs no harm in trying. You just have to bite the bullet and risk failure. Many times over, actually. It’s scary, but until you do it, there’s no chance of success. And we all want success, in something or another.


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