Productive Procrastination

Posted on: June 28, 2012

Have you been introduced to the wonder that is productive procrastination? In a scandalously modern way, you’ve probably been doing it, without knowing its name!

It’s the reason why last night I knitted a scarf instead of learning 3 declensions for ancient greek. It’s why I’m contemplating baking cookies today, despite desperately needing to do a grocery shop (we have no fruit, veg or milk!). Three weeks ago it was responsible for an empty washing basket, a spotless kitchen, and several dust free surfaces.

Oh exams, you’re the only time of the year that I actually want to do housework!

Let me be clear; productive procrastination has to be productive. Facebook does NOT count. Neither does YouTube.

If you productively procrastinate effectively, you’ll be left with a pile of satisfaction and a hill of complements from beneficiaries (housemates/partners). You’ll also receive a mountain of absolute panic: that 3000 word essay you were avoiding? Yeah. It’s still due tomorrow.

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2 Responses to "Productive Procrastination"

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