Super Easy Ruffle Scarf

Posted on: July 2, 2012

I’ve never been a very good knitter. It’s not that I lack the capability to learn. It’s that I lack the patience to practice. I much prefer the feeling of achievement at the end of a project to the actual knitting.

Despite this, seemingly every winter I begin a new knitting project. In order to get to that satisfied feeling quicker, this year I bought ONDAS yarn. It was $10 for 100g at Clegs, which I think is pretty good. They’re having a sale at the moment.


Have you seen the ELICIA yarn from Lincraft? It’s pretty similar. Both are acrylic, only really useful for a ruffle scarf, and very easy to knit. They differ in that the ONDAS yarn looks more like a natural fibre, and has much smaller netting than the ELICIA. This makes it much prettier in my opinion. I have heard that Moda Vera Fishnet Fever from Spotlight is similar to the ONDAS, but I haven’t checked it out myself, as there’s no Spotlight near me.


It took me a few rows of knitting to get into the swing of things. I initially tried to use each hole in the webbing as a new stitch. This gave me painfully tight tension. Now that I’ve loosened it out by knitting into every 3rd or 4th hole it’s much more comfortable to knit.


It’s a quick and easy project that I highly recommend you try. I reckon a night or two in front of the TV is all you’ll need, even if you’re as slow a knitter as I am!


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