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Hey Folks,

I shouldn’t be writing this… I have a report due for uni tomorrow, but this is less necessary, and thus more fun ๐Ÿ™‚

On Saturday Anne Marie Creationsย went to a market at St Jude’s Primary School, Langwarrin. It was at once extremely disappointing, and triumphant. I suppose that’s the way of a lot of things.


The stall looked wonderful, and I’m pretty proud that I managed to get all the stock ready to be honest. But it was a horrifically slow day. I sold exactly one pair of earrings, and they were to my Mum, so I don’t think I can count them as a legit sale ๐Ÿ™‚ I honestly think that the stall looked good, so I’ve been scratching around in the dirt for a reason why it was such a fail of a market day, and I’ve come down to one main cause:


I read all those start-up business guides, that say you need to make sure that there’s a niche for your product, etc. I still think that there is… what’s not to love about hand painted silk scarves, jewellery, ties etc? But that niche is not primary school kids, or their young parents. I think my audience is, currently, teenagers and older families. People with more disposable income. Also, people that are into handcrafted items: things that are entirely unique.

I’m not giving up (though I will be taking a break over exam period!). I’m going to try to get a stall at a market in the city. I think that’ll be better. And in the mean time, I’ll try to get some of the stock into shops, on commission, if that’s all I can get! So, to close, look out for Anne Marie in Melbourne stores, and if you ever run a market stall yourself, don’t get too depressed your first day out!


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