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The thing about blogging is that it effectively invites strangers into your home.

Now, while I’m always happy to have people over for dinner, to chat, to watch a movie, they don’t hear everything I think, and they don’t spend time in my bedroom. It’s too personal.

A blog is similar. There’s no bedroom, and posts are carefully chosen and edited.

In other ways it’s quite different. This is because ANYONE could be reading my blog. My ordinary rants are no longer so tempting.

I happily rant (read whinge) to my friends about uni lecturers, my boss, and even, on the odd bitchy occasion, other friends.

If I were to do this on a blog I’d soon lose both boss and job, fail uni subjects, and be lacking friends.

Even when I’m being bitchy, I like my friends (the definition, I know). Even when they’re driving me bat-shit crazy I don’t want to hurt them. And personally, I think that insulting them on an open blog– that’d hurt.

Having said all this, I believe blogging etiquette to be quite complicated. How many of my experiences have no one in them but me? Not many interesting ones, let me tell you!

So how’s a blogger to tell if their stories harm another person? Are you meant to ask permission or use your own judgement?

I have compiled a list of general blogging etiquette, but since you’ve all been doing this longer than me, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the issue. Until then the hilarious story of my uni tutor and… well. It’ll just have to wait.

Blogging Politely (And Keeping Real Life Intact)

1. No kinky stuff. (unless it’s fictional smut, or you’re a call girl writing amusing anecdotes)

2. No fights. (there’s no easier way to escalate a simple disagreement, than by bringing it into the public domain, especially if it hadn’t been resolved yet)

3. If you can think of someone that you NEVER want to see your post, don’t post it.

4. Be Realistic. No one wants to read about how perfect you are. Tell us about your stuffed up dinner attempts, your failed projects, and your procrastinated writing.

5. If you aren’t sure, check. You don’t want to hurt or embarrass a friend or colleague, so when in doubt, ask them to read your post before you publicize it. Better safe than sorry.


That’s all I got folks… Contribute please, before I offend a lot of people due to my blogging ignorance 🙂


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