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Welcome to Chronicles of Everything. As the name suggests, this blog is going to be a mix of stories, recipes, craft info and whatever else makes up my life…

For the moment, I’m just back from a week long holiday at Tomakin, which no one has ever heard of, but is a little south of Bateman’s Bay. It was lovely and relaxing but has given me plenty to think about, and plenty of uni work to catch up on now that I’m back. Including an essay due on Friday that I’m yet to start 🙂 It’s about viticultural techniques, which is not interesting in the slightest! However, while I was away, Matt (the boyfriend) and I went to a super interesting winery.  Elysium Wines: It’s about 6km south of a quaint town named Mogo. They concentrate on making ‘wines’ from wild and native Australian fruits. It doesn’t taste like regular wine, I must admit. In fact, all the lovely descriptors that you learn to describe wine with (floral, chocolate, rich berry, peach) become pretty much useless. But what an idea! Using Lilli Pilli, Black Apple, even Native Mint.

It got me very interested in the idea of edible natives and bush tucker. I’ve done little real research as of yet, but an awful lot of googling. Finger limes, pepperberries, brush cherries… So much potential. I didn’t even know that the macadamia nut was a native Australian plant. Shows how little pride we have in our own flora. Why should we be importing pepper, when we can dry and grind our own pepperberries? On the farm (which will happen in about a million years, when we have a million dollars) I’d love to have both conventional wine and native wine, and to try to make some of our native produce more mainstream. Of course, not all of the lovely native fruits will grow in Tasmania, and that’s really where we’ll go I think. It’s cheaper (significantly) than Vic, and the climate and rainfall outlooks are pretty good even taking into account climate change predictions. Still. We won’t know until we try, and perhaps bush tomatoes will grow there, just with a much shorter season!

At any rate, that’s all from me for the moment… We bought a bottle of wine and three samplers from Elysium Wines, so I’ll let you know how they go when we drink them.



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