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Chronicles of Everything got hacked this week.

Don’t stress, they didn’t take any of your personal information, but I lost a lot of other stuff. Part of it’s my fault: I have timed backups that don’t backup when they should! And part is structural changes whose code files were hacked into, and altered.

Anyway, since I have done it all before, I’m hoping that I can get it back up quickly. I am also trying to improve security, so that we don’t get hacked again! Given this, my regular update schedule is pretty much kaput for the moment, while I sort everything out.

Will let you know when I’m good to go again!

P.S. Please take note of the fact that I said we lost our subscription list when we were hacked. This means that if you were following us, you no longer are, and have to go here and hit my follow button (bottom right corner) again!