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Did you miss me? It’s been a while.

My resolution to write regularly has gone the way of my many other resolutions. And happily, it happened long enough ago (3 weeks, give or take a bit) that I’m ready to reresolve

Lucky you 🙂

I think the problem with my last writing plan, was that I wasn’t specific enough, I had no real, quantifiable aims (take that experimental science!). I did write every day, but I ended up writing diary entries, half hearted character sketches, and self indulgent rambles.

Today, I’m planning to add to that. I’m retrying the writing every day thing, but part of that is going to be posting on this blog. Not every day (I don’t want to bore you!), but three times a week. One post on writing, my own, someone else’s, or writing exercises, because I love them, and think everyone should. Let’s claim Tuesday for my writing post.

Not starting today, Thursday will be my craft post. Yup, I’ve done exactly one of these so far, but i enjoy making things. I’ve tried selling them to people, but it turns out that I much rather sharing to selling, and experimenting to repetitive labour: something that doesn’t quite work when it comes to a market stall. I have high hopes that it will work on a blog.

Finally, Saturday will be my cooking post. I know, you’re feeling confused: I’ve never so much as mentioned cooking on my blog. And that’s because I’m something of a failure, and always forget to take photos when I cook. From now on, if I forget, you’re just going to have boring picture less posts, because, as I’ve mentioned many times, I have a new resolution.

Hopefully three times a week is enough to inspire, and to give me an incentive, but not too much too become utterly exhausting. I spent a bit of time this morning looking at other people’s blog posts on how often a blogger should blog.

It was interesting, but all I really got out of it was that each blogger has to find their own balance. I highly doubt this is mine, found on my second attempt, but I can’t think of a better way to find my own way than trying things out. (which doesn’t mean that if you have a magical, full proof way of finding out I don’t want to hear from you. I do!)

It seems arrogant to hope that someone out there was hoping I’d start posting again… But I do. And regardless of whether they actually were or not, I am.

Wish me luck 🙂


Have you been introduced to the wonder that is productive procrastination? In a scandalously modern way, you’ve probably been doing it, without knowing its name!

It’s the reason why last night I knitted a scarf instead of learning 3 declensions for ancient greek. It’s why I’m contemplating baking cookies today, despite desperately needing to do a grocery shop (we have no fruit, veg or milk!). Three weeks ago it was responsible for an empty washing basket, a spotless kitchen, and several dust free surfaces.

Oh exams, you’re the only time of the year that I actually want to do housework!

Let me be clear; productive procrastination has to be productive. Facebook does NOT count. Neither does YouTube.

If you productively procrastinate effectively, you’ll be left with a pile of satisfaction and a hill of complements from beneficiaries (housemates/partners). You’ll also receive a mountain of absolute panic: that 3000 word essay you were avoiding? Yeah. It’s still due tomorrow.

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