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I received an excessively polite email from Voiceworks a little over a week ago, thanking me for my submission. It went on to inform me that due to a high number of submissions, they expected to be able to inform us of the success or failure of our poetry in early August. Feedback on rejected submissions ought to be sent by September.

Well. Given that I’m wanting feedback rather than expecting publication at this stage, it’s going to be a fairly long wait!

I suppose this is why we’re encouraged to submit continually (once a week). In three months or so we’ll start receiving weekly feedback.

It would be nice, but it involves knowing where to submit to, and working out all the dates. Not to mention have hundreds of different poems complete and ready for publication. It’s considered pretty bad form to send out the one poem, or suite of poems, to multiple editors.

I find that in the week or so since I received the email, I’ve been trying to figure out how to submit regularly. It’s resulted in me spending more time searching for potential publications than I’ve spent writing poetry.

For all that it seemed a great idea in my first flush of enthusiasm, it seems silly now. I’m in no rush to submit, or get published. Obviously I want people to read my poetry, and I’d like them to feel something because of it. However, even if no one ever read anything that I wrote, I’d keep doing it.

I’m still spending an hour a day writing. I’ve skipped out a few times: once I went out that evening and once I had an exam the following day, and was frantically revising. I think that’s pretty good though.

Most of what I write won’t make it to the final draft of course, but at least it’s putting pen to paper regularly. That’s progress of a sort, I think.


So I finally finished exams on Thursday… I’d had a two week break in between my last and second last exam, so it was one of those I’ve-had-heaps-of-time-to-study-but-procrastinated-instead exams. I don’t even care how well or poorly I did, I’m so relieved to be finished! I’m sure I’ll start caring again closer to when marks come out, but for now I’m rejoicing in the apathy!

I’ve recovered enough from end of semester exhaustion to submit some poetry to Voiceworks. It’s highly unlikely that they’ll take me: they’re pretty choosy. They give feeback to all submissions though, so I’ll get that. And there’s always a chance…

I’ll let you guys know either way, and theirs no harm in trying. You just have to bite the bullet and risk failure. Many times over, actually. It’s scary, but until you do it, there’s no chance of success. And we all want success, in something or another.

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